dotD is now officially a member of the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC)

On March 2nd 2021,dotD,Inc completed its participation in The Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC) that is an industry-wide organization promoting technologies for communication solutions that link smartphones and automobiles.

In May 2020,The Car Connectivity Consortium(CCC) announced that its Digital Key Release 2.0 specification is finalized and now available to CCC members. 

The Digital Key Release 2.0 specification leverages Near Field Communication (NFC) technology for contactless communication between smartphones and vehicles, and supports a scalable architecture for mass adoption while reducing costs.

Vehicle owners will be able to leverage Digital Key Release 2.0 for the following capabilities:

• Security and privacy equivalent to physical keys

• Interoperability and user experience consistency across mobile devices and vehicles

• Vehicle access, start, mobilization, and more

• Owner pairing and key sharing with friends, with standard or custom entitlement profiles

• Support for mobile devices in Battery Low Mode, where normal device operation is disabled

In addition, the next generation of Digital Key, Digital Key Release 3.0 which enhances Digital Key Release 2.0 by adding passive location-aware keyless access is under development.

Passive access does not require you to take your mobile device out to access the car, and allows you to access and start the car with the mobile device in your bag or pocket.

It will leverage Bluetooth Low Energy and Ultra Wideband wireless connectivity to support passive, location-aware keyless access, providing vehicle owners with more convenience and new features.

dotD will respond promptly to these standard technologies and provide a digital key mechanism globally in the collaborative business “TOKAI RIKA Digitalkey” with TOKAI RIKA Co.,Ltd.

reference:Car Connectivity Consortium Launches Its Digital Key Release 2.0 Specification