Press Release | dotD and TOKAI RIKA provides digital key system to “Anyca”, C-to-C carsharing service by DeNA SOMPO Mobility

Key delivery without Face-to-Face handover improves user experience, safety, and convenience

“FREEKEY for CAR”, a mobile app of TOKAI RIKA Digitalkey, which is a strategic collaboration service provided by dotD, Inc. and TOKAI RIKA Co., Ltd. is adopted by “Anyca”, a C-to-C carsharing service provided by DeNA SOMPO Mobility Co.,Ltd.

The “FREEKEY BOX” of “FREEKEY for CAR” can be installed in places such as the trunk or passenger seat without any additional setup or construction work, and the owner of the car can grant third-party access to the key on their smartphone for a specified period of time. The system can also be widely used for car sharing scenes with family and friends.

“FREEKEY for CAR” will allow “Anyca” owners and drivers to pass the car keys to each other without face-to-face contact. This will not only ensure safety but also improve usability by eliminating the necessity of meeting each other to hand over the car keys.
*Approximately 300 car models are compatible with “FREEKEY BOX” (as of November 2020, the number of compatible models is expanding)

Solution providing image of “FREEKEY for CAR” to “Anyca”

“FREEKEY for CAR” will provide API/SDK*, which will be connected to Anyca management system to provide features such as: device operation, authentication management, and various log data to the system managed by “Anyca” securely through BLE communication*, without large-scale system development. In addition, the owner/user can specify the usage period and open and close the door directly from the “Anyca” app without using a different app.

*API(Application Programming Interface): An abbreviation for Application Programming Interface, a mechanism for linking programs together.

*SDK(Software Development Kit): An abbreviation for Software Development Kit. It is a package that contains all the programs and documentation necessary to develop software for a certain system.

*BLE(Bluetooth Low Energy): An abbreviation for Bluetooth Low Energy, a low power consumption wireless communication technology used in electronic devices.

DeNA SOMPO Mobility Co., Ltd.
Company name: DeNA SOMPO Mobility Co., Ltd.
Address: Shibuya Hikarie, 2-21-1 Shibuya Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo, Japan
Representative Director & President: Hiroshi Nakajima
Description of business: Car sharing business centered on the operation of Anyca
Established: March 2019
Anyca is a C-to-C car sharing service operated by DeNA SOMPO Mobility, a joint venture between DeNA and SOMPO Holdings, that matches car owners who aren’t using their vehicle with people who would like to drive it for a reasonable price. For car owners, the maintenance costs of their cars are reduced, making it easier to have the car they wish. For drivers, this service provides access to a wide variety of cars. Over half of the vehicles can be shared for less than 8,000 yen for 24 hours. As well as C-to-C car sharing, there is also an option to rent a car by the hour without needing a face-to-face handover.
There are more than 16,000 total registered vehicles (more than 750 car models, more than 350,000 registered members, and over 210,000 days of car sharing since the service was launched in September 2015).
*All figures are as of September 2020.

Reference photos: “FREEKEY BOX” (left), example of placing in trunk space (center), “FREEKEY for CAR” app usage image (right).

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