Press Releases | dotD and TOKAI RIKA Announce Strategic Partnership in Digital key Business

Capitalizing on Security Technologies Developed in Automobiles to full-scale the Digital key business

TOKAI RIKA Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Oguchi-cho, Niwa-gun, Aichi, Japan, President Hiroyoshi Ninoyu) and dotD, Inc. (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan, CEO Hisashi Onoda) agreed for strategic partnership in ​​the digital key business realm.

The definition of “mobility” is evolving, with demand for new mobility services that make full use of information and communication technologies, such as cloud computing and mobile communications, in addition to the traditional means of transportation of the car. Through this collaboration, the two companies will combine their assets; Tokai Rika’s reliable and well-established key security technology, which has been cultivated through its history of manufacturing as an automotive parts manufacturer, and dotD’s expertise in building IT software business schemes and expanding sales channels. We aim to create a more convenient, secure, and safe world as a social infrastructure by responding speedily and globally to key digitization needs without using physical keys.

<Overview of business partnership>
Based on the core business concept of “Secure and safe digital key made by the traditional automotive key manufacturer“,  both Tokai Rika and dotD will integrate Tokai Rika’s experience in key security technology and dotD’s expertise in digital technology and software business development to develop services that support a variety of use cases.

The main features are as follows:
– Providing high-quality devices based on key security technology developed in the automotive field
– Building a platform-based business model to provide digital key services to service providers
– Utilizing the latest software technologies such as big data/AI

Initially, the company plans to digitalize car keys (for both retrofits*1 and new vehicles) and expand its business beyond cars, starting with providing a platform for car owners, family sharing, personal car sharing, and corporate fleet management.

Our future vision is to expand the use of digital keys not only for car keys but also for devices used in various scenes such as stores, warehouses, offices, buildings, parking lots, bicycles, bicycle parking lots and lockers, etc. We will deepen our alliance with the service providers and expand the use cases for digital keys.

TOKAI RIKA Digitalkey API*2

We provide APIs that allow service providers to collaborate with their own service servers to reserve keys and grant privileges on their services. APIs can be flexibly integrated according to the needs of service providers.

“FREEKEY” is a smart key management mobile app. FREEKEY for CAR enables the unlocking/locking of the car from the smartphone by installing the “BOXKEY” device to the car. FREEKEY CONCEPT is compatible with shared offices and parcel boxes. We also provide the FREEKEY SDK, in which service providers can implement key manipulation functions in their own service applications.


By placing a physical key in the “BOXKEY”, a smart key device for cars, drivers can unlock and lock their keys with their smartphones. BLE*4 communication allows off-line key operation. Currently, approximately 80 types of domestic and overseas key types are supported, and the number of cars that can be supported is expanding gradually.

Built-in digital key module*5
The module is built into the doors of buildings, offices, stores, warehouses, etc., and the doors can be unlocked and locked with a smartphone. We are testing the use of this module in stores and in shared offices.

*1 Retrofit: A new model by adding something new to old technology. In this context, it means adding a new mechanism without changing the existing lock mechanism to adapt to new technology.
*2 API: An abbreviation for Application Programming Interface, a mechanism for linking programs together.
*3 SDK: An abbreviation for Software Development Kit. It is a package that contains all the programs and documentation necessary to develop software for a certain system.
*4 BLE: An abbreviation for Bluetooth Low Energy, a low power consumption wireless communication technology used in electronic devices.
*5 Modules: Components with built-in memory, sensors, communication functions, etc.

<About Tokai Rika>
Company name : TOKAI RIKA Co., Ltd.
Location: 3-260 Toyota, Oguchi-cho, Niwa-gun, Aichi Prefecture
Representative: Hiroyoshi Ninoyu
Business activities: Development of various businesses based on automotive technology with a focus on automotive parts and related components
Established: August 1948

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