Press Release | Dog walking app “mean” has renamed to “onedog”

With the branding update, the dog walking app “mean” has renamed to “onedog”. Also announcing the public posting feature and an Android version of the app has launched at the same time.

The concept of the service had been mainly about walk record with the dog, but we decided to re-design the concept to offer “dog health management” and “public conversation about their dog”, and the name of the app was also changed accordingly.

The worldview of “onedog”

1. Expressing the vision of making the world “one” with a center on “dogs”

By connecting people and dogs, we hope to bring a positive cycle of communication with family and friends, and bring people, society, and the country together in a loving, “one” world.

2. To become a service that is widely loved anywhere in the world

Currently, we provide services mainly in Japan, but we are aiming to expand our service aggressively to the global. Therefore, we wanted to make the app name widely loved anywhere in the world, so we decide to change the service name “onedog” by connecting easy words that do not lose their meaning.

Redefining our service Mission and Vision

We have redefined our mission and vision as a guidepost for our service development, aiming to become a platform that can provide a wide range of services that are more closely related to the lives of dogs and their owners.

Launching the community forum feature and Android version of the app together.

We have released a new community forum feature in line with the branding update. So far, we have mainly focused to develop a feature to enhance the connection of families and their dogs, but from now on, we will expand the connections more publicly through this community feature, providing a “place for online communication between owners” where they can talk about common topics such as dog breeds, ages, and problems.

At the same time, we have also started providing an Android app, allowing a wide range of users to use it regardless of the smartphone’s OS.

URL of “onedog”