Mission and values are
key hiring criteria.

We are looking for people who can share our mission and culture with us. We want to create an environment in which not only skills and experience matter, but also share their individual characteristics, and continue to grow while everyone can face each other in the same direction. Our organization must continue to grow rapidly.
We are looking for fellows who will change the world together.



At most large companies, there are many hurdles to overcome in order to try something new. The culture at dotD is one in which approvers approve everything in principle, as long as it’s within the scope of the rules.
We think as we run instead of thinking before we run, and if it doesn’t work, we stop immediately. We believe it is important to keep trying new things, even if we have made a lot of mistakes.


The members who work at dotD have a very flexible way of working. We are constantly choosing how we think the best way to work at any given time.
We want our employees to work with a sense of professionalism adding values, while balancing freedom and responsibility.

Enjoy anyway!

We want to keep trying new things and keep adding value, but above all, it’s important to have fun and be engaged.
We don’t want to have a culture of complaining at a bar how decision making is slow or things going wrong. Instead, constantly own our works, improve ourselves, and overcome hard things by having fun.

Benefit system

Flexible work arrangements

The way you work is a flexible time. No wasted MTGs and you can perform at your best.
(Core time: 11:00 – 16:00 with 60 minutes break time )

Remote work

In principle, you can work remotely except for meetings with customers. Since some of our members live in Singapore and our development is outsourced to the UK, you can work across time zones and locations.

Secondary business / Side job allowed

You can have a side job to gain a new perspective and experience. Always very welcome to switch from a side job to dotD full-time.

Best possible work environment

Use the latest and best laptops and devices that you will be using for the longest time. We will purchase and lend you a laptop and peripherals worth up to 400,000 yen when you join the company

Pet care allowance

We will provide pet allowances to those who have pets.


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