We Build a business thrives on a global scale with a combination of owned and joint businesses.

dotD aims to become a global software service originating in Japan by developing a globally compatible BtoC service. Our asset is the ability to develop and operate our own products and services through a constant process of prototyping and reflecting that for creating new business with other companies.
We at dotD will draw on our extensive past and future experience and the knowledge we have gained from our own services to provide services that allow us to create and manage new businesses for our clients with greater flexibility and the innovative value created by our diverse human resources and technology.

Owned business

So far, we have been providing various support mainly for major enterprises for 20 years. From now on, we want to try our own service rather than work for others. We dig deep into the various issues and redefine them to launch a platform-based service available for people all over the world, even in the small realm.

Key capability

Redefining and solving social issues

We will review and deepen the various issues existing in society. Based on dotD’s personal agenda, we will find solutions that can gain a lot of empathy from society and people.

Social community

Human beings are social. Rather than unilaterally providing services as a company, we will utilize the social community as the basis for growing services together with our users.

Global perspectives

The number of services provided by Japanese companies globally is still small, but dotD will always develop and deploy services from a global perspective. 

Data utilization 

In order to increase the value provided to users of our services, we will build an ecosystem that links the insights obtained from our platform with the services of various companies.


  • onedog

    Pet tech has a global market of 700 million households, and $208 billion, we have been working on developing our business in this global market starting with providing a pet tech mobile app “onedog”.

    We are driving the business forward with a platform strategy that goes beyond a simple app.

  • meepa

    In recent years, "non-cognitive ability" has attracted attention in order to create a new era in order to survive happily in uncertain times. In meepa, in order to increase the number of non-cognitive human resources in Japan and the world, we will work on DX of lessons and extracurricular activities starting from the extracurricular activity matching service for "meeting children's true love".

  • iDovatar

    iDovatar is a project that realizes real-time voice dialogue according to the distance of the avatar in a physical space and explores new work styles and shopping experiences.

Joint business

Our members come from major global and domestic IT companies and have many years of experience in enterprise software and consulting services. Each member of our team combines enterprise business knowledge with new business development expertise from our own business to always propose a best practice for our clients’ transformation needs, and work closely with clients to create new businesses together.

Service menu

Business strategy

We will continue to research various business models created by global IT companies and companies all over the world to co-create business strategies. We will not only conduct business consulting from the outside but also execute and implement the co-created business strategy.

UX/UI design

We do not just design in the narrow sense of creating visuals, but design persona, user survey, and experience value from the business model. From there, we continue prototyping in a short cycle to create the optimal design for our business users.

Product development

A total of 300 engineers are working on the latest IT news and cloud solutions from around the world and constantly updates the best practices. Also take advantage further of their business assets, creating a sophisticated product in the prototype approach in a short cycle.

Sales & Marketing

Together, we design and execute a coordinated marketing and sales process, including subscriber design, pricing, PR, promotion, and alliance model development based on 20 years of experience in an ever-changing global software company.

System operation & management

We have a knowledge of implementing automated systems in our own business that are used by millions of people in multiple countries. While cooperating with the product development team, we will continue to utilize, share, and operate the latest cloud technology.

Customer success

Rather than being passive like a traditional complaint handling support center, we will engage in aggressive, data-driven customer success with an eye toward continuous improvement of the value provided to the end-user.


Based on our experience at a major global software company, we support global expansion with the same quality as we offer in Japan, including development, business strategy, sales, partner development, contract negotiations, and marketing, through our dotD APAC sites.

Program management

In order to proceed from business planning to commercialization, we will promote the entire program as end-to-end design and operation of the entire business, and we will work closely with the business manager from his/her perspective.


  • TOKAI RIKA Digitalkey Service

    TOKAI RIKA Co., Ltd., which develops various businesses applying automobile technology centering on automobile parts and related components, and dotD collaborate in the digital key field. The core concept is "Secure and safe digital key made by the traditional automotive key manufacturer". By digitalizing all kinds of "physical keys" the partnership will create the services to support the smart cities of the future.