• "D" makes
    a bright tomorrow

    Our mission is to make a bright tomorrow with “D”. We aim to provide valuable “D”, which will be a must-have product or service for people in the world, centered on digital technology. By doing so, we support bringing happiness to the people and the companies, and dedicate our effort for the world to move forward.


 A business creation firm
that relentlessly produces
new value in the world

Through our own business and alliance business, we accumulate, knowledge, experience, and human resources in each of these two aspects. By interacting with each other, we can constantly update our businesses and respond to the needs of the world, allowing us to create new value repeatedly.

Owned business

Having had enough experience working for clients, we had an aspiration to start our own business. We will dig deep into the social issues, redefine them to have a new perspective, and launch as a platform service that will be used all over the world.

Alliance business

The members of our team come from major global and domestic IT companies. With the combination of our abundant business experience and knowledge of developing new businesses, we work closely with clients to create new businesses together.


accomplished and diverse teams

Our members come from major global and domestic IT companies and have many years of experience in enterprise software and consulting services, as well as abundant experience in development directing large-scale consumer media services.

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